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No Bankruptcy Protection, Just Receivership for Cannabis Companies – Oregon’s Chalice Farms Goes Belly Up

Oregon's leading cannabis company, Chalice, is grappling with a severe financial crisis that has prompted significant measures. According to the ‘Willamette Week’, the company, burdened by debts exceeding $35 million, has filed a request with the Multnomah County...


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The Cheers of Cannabis Cafes – Massachusetts Plans New Pot Cafe Rollout

Regulators in the Massachusetts marijuana industry made a decision this past Monday to abandon previous plans for a limited pilot program involving cannabis cafes and social consumption sites in twelve municipalities. One official said this move would help get the...

Does Smoking Weed Affect Your Prana?

So the other day I was minding my business when I saw this post on Reddit that asked a simple but profound question - “Does Smoking Affect your Prana?” Now, I’m well aware that many of you might not even be familiar with the concept of Prana - but as the esoteric...

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