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Beggar Thy Neighbor’s Tax Dollars? – Wisconsin Residents Gave the State of Illinois $36 Million in Cannabis Tax Revenue

According to a recent state estimate, Illinois has collected a whopping $36 million in tax revenue from Wisconsin residents crossing the border to purchase marijuana in Illinois, where cannabis use has been legalized. This astounding number highlights the tremendous...


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$80 Ounces in Michigan and $4 Grams in Oregon – How Low Can You Go Is a Marijuana Industry Problem

In January, marijuana prices in Michigan reached an all-time low, providing significant benefits to retailers and customers. However, smaller growers raise concerns about the surplus supply driving prices down. According to state records, the market has seen an...

How to think about cannabis and cardiac health

On Feb. 24, publicists at Stanford University issued a press release that researchers had found an association between daily cannabis use and a 34% increase in coronary artery disease. Is that true? And what's cannabis' heart risk relative to other lifestyle choices,...

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Audit Readiness for Plant Touching Businesses

A report issued three years ago by the Department of Treasury, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), states that the IRS will begin to increase its audit of cannabis businesses throughout the country. The report, released on March 30, 2020, states...

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7 trends coming to your cannabis from Spannabis

Listen up, Leafly Nation--you 147 million people around the globe smoking on the good-good. Get ready for more fresh Zkittlez crosses, more killer 'Cali weed,' more US-made seeds, and more live rosin in the coming weeks and months hitting your local smoke scene....

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