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Athletes Say Cannabis is Best for Exercise Recovery, Lactic Acid Build Up, and Muscle Repair According to New Study

A recent study conducted by Kent State University researchers involved polling more than 100 participants who used cannabis while regularly performing resistance and/or aerobic training. The data, which was published in the medical journal, the Journal of Cannabis...

The best-rated weed dispensaries in San Diego for 2022

Looking for the best dispensaries in San Diego, California? Leafly List shows you our highest-rated pot shops in San Diego according to reviews by real people on The post The best-rated weed dispensaries in San Diego for 2022 appeared first on Leafly.

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Thailand to Shut Down Recreational Cannabis? Prime Minister Tells the UN He Is Shutting Down Adult Use Weed!

Since June 2022, dispensaries and weed shops to cater to all kinds of lifestyles mushroomed all over the country. Thanks to Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister for the Bhumjaithai Party. Since he was responsible for helping Thailand...

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