Weed is not a gateway drug, says new study

Health Published on January 27, 2023 (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) In a study published earlier this month, researchers help dispel the idea of cannabis as a gateway drug—a substance that leads to the use of other harder drugs. It shows that when a state legalizes weed,...

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21 ways to save money on weed

You’re not alone: Everybody’s feeling broke. We asked Leafly experts how they make their marijuana budget go further when times get tight. It’s January, and that means all those credit card charges you racked up during the holidays have come due. You’re feeling broke....

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Cronos Shutters Kristen Bell’s Happy Dance CBD Product Line

Not so happy: Kristen Bell’s CBD line is being taken off the market. (Image via Happy Dance) In 2020, actress Kristen Bell announced her entry into the burgeoning CBD market with the Happy Dance skincare line in association with the Ontario-based Cronos Group. Just...

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